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February 6, 2014:
Snorting Bath Salts as a practice gets bad reviews. Dateline Bath Salts profile focuses on NE Pennsylvania.


Shadow People:

Paranoia, shadow people, and general mental imbalance are the result of bath salts use, so perhaps you should just not use them.

Note: If You Are Experiencing Side Effects, Seek Medical Attention

Side Effects of Bath Salts Can Be Serious, Deadly

Bath Salts Side EffectsBath salts side effects can range from hallucinations to death. As a background, substances sold in stores as "bath salts" are generally understood to be designer drugs if the quantity sold is far lower than what you'd really put in a bathtub. For example, a small jar of Ivory Wave Bath Salts might cost you $40 but the content of the package might fit in a small bottlecap with room to spare.

While there are obviously reasons why people use this drug recreationally, the reported negative effects and dangers of Bath Salt ingestion may include:

Fear - Hanging out with a frightened drug user is not fun.
Delusions - People may believe that their friends are "devils"
Heart Problems - Some versions of the drug increase heart rate.
Death - Either by way of Overdose or Self-Harm, Suicide.

One additional problem with bath salts overdoses is that they are difficult to treat even when the victims are brought to the emergency room because medical professionals do not know what toxin may be causing the problem. With other druges, including opiates, there are readily available injections that can counteract bad effects and overdose situations. Bath salts overdoses may go untreated, and can be misdiagnosed as other issues since the drugs themselves aren't discovered in standard drug testing. Sometimes the active ingredients are mephedrone and MDPV, but any number of other things can be present in these drugs, whcih carry brand names like Ivory Wave, Ivory Snow, Red Dove, Vanilla Sky, and Hurricane Charlie. Side effects of bath salts also vary depending on whether the drug is ingested by snorting, smoking, or injecting.

The military has started adding bath salts videos to their list of warnings thanks to the high rate of use in places like Camp Pendelton and around other bases, where GIs and Sailors may be off for several days and looking for a good time, and trying to use something that does not show up in drug tests. MDPV is illegal, but there are variants which allegedly can't be detected, although you are still taking the word of a person who is selling a small vial of powder to you for a lot of money.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: This list of bath salts side effects is in no way comprehensive or complete, since the ingredients in these drugs are almost interchangable and may include plant food, cornstarch, sugar, and otherwise toxic chemicals.